Last year, I took a few of my favorite 52 in 52 tracks and headed down to Nashville to spend some time in the studio with producer Greg LaFollette. We had a lot of fun working together and taking some fresh approaches with the songs. I'm excited to share the results!

September is available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon. It's also available, along with a limited number of CDs, directly from my Bandcamp site. Hope you enjoy!


Worth the Wait

April brought the wedding of a very special couple with an equally special story and I thought to myself, 'Let's write a song!' (Hey, it's what I do.)

The result was Worth the Wait and it's now available on my Bandcamp site. The newlyweds enjoyed it and I hope you do too.


52 Weeks, 52 Songs

I set a big goal for myself back in 2013 - write, record and release a song a week for an entire year. It was quite the challenge and there were more than a few moments when I didn't think I'd make it. Thankfully, I did. See below.

Since wrapping up the project, many have asked if I would make the music available for sale. Well, I'm happy to report that all 52 are now available for purchase on my Bandcamp page. Happy listening!