Week 10 - Two

This week takes us into double digits.  I can’t believe it.  Still 42 to go but it feels great.  Now, what can I tell you about Two? 

This week’s song is interesting because it started a little differently than the first nine.  Generally, I sit down and start fishing the universe for ideas.  (Well, how else would one describe it?)  And honestly, I never know what’s going to come.  However, this week, someone special was celebrating her birthday and I thought I’d honor the occasion with a song.  (I know, turn the sap up to 11.)

Now, I tend to find it a little more challenging to write this way.  Starting with the song’s idea already in place can make the creative process feel a bit more forced.  And that was the case this week.  I sat down last Sunday with the guitar and started picking away.  It took a little more trial and error than usual before something stuck. 

The first keeper lines to come were the start of the chorus, ‘It was one step and two for me and you…’  At the time, I didn’t know whether they’d be opening verse lines, chorus, etc.  However, after some playing around with chord and melody ideas, it seemed like they’d work best in the chorus.  I finished that first writing session with the chorus pretty much intact and a melody (but no words) for the verses.  Later Sunday evening, I sat down with the guitar again and developed the bridge section, again with no words. 

Next, I started thinking about instrumentation and it seemed like it might be best to just keep this song simple.  It was written for someone specific and the message is important.   I didn’t want to clutter it up with drums, delays, etc.  I decided that just limiting it to voice and guitar might be the best way to go.  (And to be honest, the rest of me didn’t mind keeping the recording simple this week.)  At that point, it really became about fleshing out the lyrics.  I spent most of the week writing, taking one evening to lay down the simple guitar part. 

Friday, I set out to record the vocals and things went a little differently than they usually do.  So far, my process has been recording three takes and then going line by line and picking the best of each of the three to comp (or compile) into the final vocal track.  I’m not sure why I’ve been doing three takes each week other than the fact that I’m usually under the gun to get things done and three seems to not take too long yet still give me enough of a selection.

This week, I was getting a little more comfortable with each take, so I just kept going.  I ended up recording seven passes.  When I set out to comp the final vocal, I found that I kept using take seven.  In the end, I decided to use that single take straight through.  So that’s what you hear in the finished song.  (Here I am again bringing you all the news you need to know.  But remember, these blog entries will serve as my production notes.)  

That was it.  Just a final mix and output of the song.  I hope you enjoyed Two.  It’s on to week 11.  Thanks for following!