Week 28 - Going Away

The song that almost wasn’t.  That was the case with Going Away.  And it’s a great reminder to me to never discount any ideas. 

I was sitting on the couch last weekend strumming away on the guitar.  I wasn’t fishing for ideas.  I was most likely just strumming away while watching a Red Sox game.  I do know that I had the capo on the fourth fret (although the final version takes it down a half step).  Next thing you know, as I’m playing this simple I – IV chord pattern, the phrase ‘I’m going away, I’m going away…’ pops out.  It felt silly, repetitive and I didn’t really give it much thought.  A few moments later, I paused and said to myself, ‘You never know…’  So I pulled out the iPhone, recorded a quick 41 second clip and went on with my game watching and random strumming.

A few days later, when I figured I better sit down and get started on the week’s song, I listened back to the recording a few times.  I liked it but wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  It had a manic feel to it.  My first impulse was that it sounded like a crazy man getting ready to go off to prison.  Needless to say, that idea didn’t get me too excited.  But I stuck with the phrase.  I thought it still might have some potential.

That’s when I remembered my friend who had just returned from a couple of weeks at the beach.  She’s been going to the same place for years and always brings her two dogs.  I asked her if they can tell when it’s coming and she said the moment she starts pulling out the beach stuff, they go crazy with anticipation.  I don’t have dog but I have enough of them in my life to easily picture that craziness.  And that my friends, was all I needed.  I had my direction.

The song came together fairly quickly after that.  I finished of a complete draft of the lyrics in the first sitting.  I did a bit more wordsmithing the rest of the week and – being the procrastinator that I am - didn’t start any recording until late Friday night.  (Actually, this was a very busy week for me, so I wouldn’t call it procrastination so much as obligation.)

In terms of the recording, my first thought was to keep it simple and allow my neck/shoulder/arm thing to continue healing.  (It is doing much better.)  But then I hit the slippery slope…  ‘How about some drums and bass? And maybe a fun little 8th note piano thing?  And of course, some vocal harmonies would really polish it up…’  Before you know it, I had a full blown production. 

But truthfully, I enjoyed it.  This was a fun song for me and I’m happy with the finished track, especially considering that it almost didn’t make it.  I could even hear it as the music track for a tourism commercial.  Anyone know any well placed tourism professionals in any of the big beach states?

And that will do it for Week 28.  I hope you enjoyed Going Away.  As always, thanks for following and have a great week!