Week 29 - Superman

Another week, another song.  It’s funny.  People often ask me how this whole 52 in 52 thing has felt.  And I have to say that one of the coolest things for me has been finishing up a song at the end of the week, uploading it and thinking to myself, ‘This song wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye seven days ago and here it is going out to the world.’  I suppose that’s the case with many a creative endeavor and so it might not be too unique a feeling.  However, it’s a big part of what keeps me coming back song after song.

This week’s track is a simple one but it wasn’t easy getting there.  I started it a little late, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, although I believe the original idea came to me a day or two before that.  I was leaving a freelance edit job and thinking about memories and nostalgia.  The phrase, ‘I’ll never walk that road…I’ll never walk that road again’ popped into my head with the melody you hear in the finished song.  It sounded like the end of a chorus to me.  I pulled out the handy iPhone and got it down. 

When I sat down to develop the idea, I imagined verses painting pictures of childhood memories with the chorus hitting the singer with the reality that he can never go back.  I thought from the get-go that this would probably work as a voice and guitar production, so I wasn’t too concerned about getting a jump on the recording process.  I really spent the bulk of this week’s sessions on writing. 

It was probably sometime Thursday morning when I had a bit of an aha moment.  I had used some Superman imagery in the verses and was working on the bridge.  That’s when the line, ‘Tell me where’d you go, Where are you Superman’ came along.  I liked it and the more I played with it, it seemed like I could work it into the theme of the song.  At that point, I changed the title and it became a process of tweaking the lyrics in that direction.

It’s funny because I’ve often heard and also mentioned in these blogs how important it is when writing to know what a song is about.  For me, it will often be the turning point in the writing process where it all starts to come together.  In Week 28, it was realizing that I was writing from the point of view of a dog.  This week, well…it got a little more autobiographical.

The production was straightforward.  I doubled the guitar part and the vocal was done in just one take.  Maybe the song’s that come from the heart don’t need as much effort.  I don’t know.  I can’t say I’ve done this long enough to know.

There is one more observation that I’m a bit embarrassed to mention but I do find interesting.  (What the heck? I’m not Superman, I’m just a sappy songwriter.)  Occasionally you finish a song and upon listening back to it, you get a little leaky.  (For those needing some clarification, that’s not a code word for incontinence but getting a little wet in the eyes.)  I’ve had a few this year and this was a big one.  Pushing some of them buttons I guess… 

I hope you enjoyed Superman.  It’s one of my favorites of the year.  It will be interesting to see if it manages to hold a top spot in my heart.  As always, thank you so much for following this little adventure of mine.  People have been beyond kind and generous with their support and it really helps keep me going.  Have a great week and I’ll see you back here for #30!