Week 31 - Walk Away

This week I chose to revisit an idea that I had trashed a few weeks back.  If you’re a faithful follower of this blog, you may recall in Week 25 that I abandoned a track mid-week for a new song which turned out to be Long Walk Home.  I wasn’t really connecting with the week’s first song idea and was struggling over the lyrics, trying to figure out what it was about.  To be honest, my head was in a pretty bad place.  I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was hurting from the left side of my neck down my shoulder and arm to my hand.  I was miserable with no idea of when (and even if) some relief would come.  (Thankfully, relief has come!)  Basically, I was trying to slog through the week and finish up the song and the commitment I made to you, dear listeners.  It’s no surprise that Long Walk Home popped out when it did.  I remember how cathartic it felt to sing it. 

Since that time, it’s become a weekly debate.  ‘Do I revisit that old idea? Is it worth revisiting?’  Well, this week I took the plunge.  And the nice thing about revisiting it was that I had already programmed drums and bass and tracked the acoustic guitar and piano.  That’s a bunch of work out of the way.  That said, not yet knowing what it would be about, I still had some work in front of me. 

The lyrics that I did have in place from that difficult Week 25 were the first line of the verse (‘Standing, standing here licking my wounds…) and the first line of the chorus (Every time I try to walk away…)  I also had a chord progression idea for the bridge but no melody that I had recorded.  That was basically it.     

Once I committed to revisiting the song, the week’s sessions were about the lyrics.  However, having a good deal of the recording done, I also wanted to make some time to add some other parts, namely electric guitars, more atmospheric than anything else.

Wednesday night, I had a complete set of lyrics, what I’ve heard writers call the crappy first draft.  You have something to react to, something to revise.  However, I wanted to play around with the electric guitars a bit and it’s always helpful to have a vocal in place when adding other instruments.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours playing with ideas and recording only to find that it conflicts with the vocal part.  I decided to record the lyrics as I had them, figuring I had a couple of days left in the week to continue tweaking them and rerecord.

As it turns out, the final vocal is that rough record.  In my electric guitar experimentation, I got to mixing things and just didn’t feel like the slight lyric changes I had made over the next two days were really there yet.  In my mind, it wasn’t worth rerecording the vocal part given that the lyrics still didn’t feel final.  I think the song works as it is, but don’t be surprised if an updated version with new lyrics is up on the website unannounced at some point in the future.  Download this version while you can.  It just might be a collector’s item someday. J

And I think that will do it for Walk Away.  I hope you enjoyed it.  As always, thanks so much for following and have a great week!