Week 34 - Rebecca

Betsy?  No.  Becca?  No.  Rebecca?  Yes, Rebecca.  That’s about all the thought that went into the name of this week’s song. Actually, it wasn’t that quick.  At some point during the week while working on lyrics, I inserted ‘Betsy’ into one of the lines.  It just felt right and was fun to sing.  A few minutes later, as I was singing along (more like mumbling along) with my half-baked lyrics, ‘Betsy’ became ‘Becca’.  And finally, a few minutes after that, I was needing an extra syllable and ‘Becca’ became ‘Rebecca’.  This is high art folks and you’ve just had a peek inside the mind of a genius. (Not!)

The song started last Monday night with some playing around on the acoustic.  I intentionally wanted a higher guitar part, so I threw the capo on the 6th fret and started fishing.  Within a short time, I had chords and melody that I liked for the verse, followed soon after by chords and melody for a chorus. 

I worked with that for a couple of sessions, trying to flesh out the lyrics and some sort of story.  I was having fun belting out my rough lyrics and banging away on the guitar.  The way it felt, it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine the character as a desperate man.   Initially, the storyline had Rebecca getting ready to leave town and he was pleading with her to stay.  However, as I worked through the week, it changed to the point where the singer was returning to town and trying to reconnect with her

My hope in the recording was to keep it simple and just try to capture the performance and vibe of the song.  I think it does that.  But I’m hopeless when it comes to my urge to tweak and soon there was an organ part and vocal harmonies in the bridge.  I had to do all I could from playing around with a bass part.  The thing is, I could have spent an hour or two experimenting with a bass part (remember, I’m still learning) and then decided it didn’t work.  That’s been one of the toughest parts of this entire year.  Hours of experimentation that sometimes lead to dead ends.  But as I’ve said, that is often where the best learning occurs.

There isn’t much to the production.  Doubled guitars, double shaky egg and my doubled virgin voyage on the tambourine.  Add an organ, mix and stir and out pops a song.  (I think I’ve used that joke before.  Is it too lame to even qualify as a joke?)

Rebecca was another fun one to put together.  As I mentioned in the newsletter, I wanted a lighter track this week and this one did it for me.  As for what next week will bring, who knows?  It’s a blank slate waiting for my attention.

As always, thanks for spending some time with me (even if it’s virtual).  You’re all such an integral part of this and I do so appreciate it.  On to #35.  Have a great week!